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San Jose needs to continue to rebuild our police department so that response times are minimized and patrols are available in all parts of the city. Police and fire services should be evenly distributed across the community, with the resources they need to effectively respond to each and every call.

So much of our neighborhood development begins in our neighborhood associations. Community events, neighborhood watch programs and community policing start with local activists coming together to make change. Unfortunately, our district does not have enough neighborhood associations. While the city should not leave these organizations to do the work of public safety and first responders, there is tremendous value in the organic work these groups do in coalition with local government and law enforcement. I will work with local residents to build more organizations focused on community building, public safety, and neighborhood cleanliness. 

As a parent and decades-long resident of our district, I know just how critical safe and clean neighborhoods are for local residents. In City Hall, I’ll make them a priority.

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