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We are in the midst of a housing crisis that is driving families out of San Jose. As a father, I wonder if my children will be able to return to their hometown to raise their own families. As a school board member, I see the way housing insecurity impacts local students and educators. As a resident, I see how displacement and homelessness impact the people of San Jose.

We absolutely have to act.

I believe that we must use a regional approach to increase the housing supplies and affordability for all income levels. Silicon Valley drives the state and national economy, but our success is not sustainable if teachers, police officers, retail employees, even tech workers can't afford to live in our community. San Jose alone can’t bear the responsibility of solving this regional challenge, but we can, and should, lead the way forward – that’s what I’ll do on the City Council.

Separate from housing affordability, we must be creative and compassionate when dealing with the issue of homelessness. It is important to remember that homeless are living in our community and every person in our community will be better off if we all have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. We must partner with the County and non-profit organizations to provide a full-range of services, including housing, yes, but also mental health care, drug and alcohol rehab, and job training and placement programs.

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