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"Councilmember David Cohen is running for reelection to this business-heavy district that includes Alviso and much of North San Jose. Originally elected with the strong support of labor, Cohen has proven to be a smart and independent thinker on the council who deserves a second term.
A chemical engineer and manager of the computational modeling group at Lam Research, which designs and builds products for semiconductor manufacturing, Cohen served on the Berryessa Union School Board for 14 years before he won the council seat in 2020.

Cohen faces a challenge from Kansen Chu. Chu seems like a politician in search of a place to land. Cohen has served a solid first council term and deserves another."

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Our campaign is honored to be supported by over many current and former elected officials, community leaders and District 4 residents.This campaign is about our community and I wouldn't be able to be an active voice and advocate for our community without the support. I will always listen to the concerns of District 4's residents regarding what our community needs and bring people together to get things done. I would be honored to have your support as well.


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•  Ro Khanna US Congress D17

•  Zoe Lofgren US Congress D18

•  Anna Eshoo US Congress D16

•  Fiona Ma California State Treasurer

•  Bob Jonsen Santa Clara County Sheriff

•  Jeff Rosen Santa Clara County District Attorney

•  Matt Mahan San Jose Mayor

•  Rosemary Kamei San Jose City Councilmember D1, Vice Mayor

•  Sergio Jimenez San Jose City Councilmember D2

•  Omar Torres San Jose City Councilmember D3

•  Dev Davis San Jose City Councilmember D6

•  Bien Doan San Jose City Councilmember D7

•  Domingo Candelas San Jose City Councilmember D8

•  Pam Foley San Jose City Councilmember D9

•  Margie Matthews former San Jose Councilmember D4

•  Raul Peralez former Councilmember San Jose D3

•  Maya Esparza former Councilmember San Jose D7

•  Pat Sausedo former Councilmember San Jose D8

•  Larry Stone Santa Clara County Assessor

•  Blanca Alvarado Former Santa Clara County Supervisor

•  Chappie Jones former San Jose Vice Mayor

•  Ron Gonzalez former San Jose Mayor

•  Sam Liccardo former San Jose Mayor

•  Tom McEnery former San Jose Mayor

•  Ken Yeager former Santa Clara county Supervisor

•  Evan Low California State Assembly D26

•  Ash Kalra California State Assembly D27

•  Marc Berman California State Assembly D23

  Mike Honda former US Congressmember

•  Paul Fong former California State Assemblymember

•  Aisha Wahab California State Senate D10

•  Josh Becker California State Senate D13

•  Victoria Chon Santa Clara county Board of Education

•  Otto Lee Santa Clara County Supervisor D3

•  Susan Ellenberg Santa Clara County Supervisor D4

•  Cindy Chavez Santa Clara County Supervisor D2

•  Richard Santos Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Water District D3

•  Jim Beall Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Water District

•  Tony Estremera Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Water District D6

  Helen Chapman Director, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority District 3

  Dorsey Moore Former Director, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority District 4

•  Suds Jain Santa Clara Councilmember

•  Raj Chahal Santa Clara Councilmember

•  Karen Hardy Santa Clara Councilmember

•  Larry Klein Sunnyvale Mayor

•  Alysa Cisneros Sunnyvale Councilmember

•  Omar Din Sunnyvale Councilmember

•  Linda Sell Sunnyvale Councilmember

•  Murali Srinivasan Sunnyvale Councilmember

•  Hung Wei Cupertino Councilmember

•  Lucas Ramirez Mountain View Councilmember

•  Teresa Cox Fremont Councilmember

•  Rob Moore Los Gatos Councilmember

•  Yan Zhao Saratoga Vice Mayor

•  Neysa Fligor Los Altos Councilmember 

•  JR Fruen Cupertino Councilmember

•  Gary Singh Union City Councilmember

•  Gilbert Wong Trustee, Foothill DeAnza Community College District, Former Cupertino Mayor

•  Jim Cunneen California State Assembly (ret) and former CEO SJ Chamber of Commerce

•  Bob Nunez former Milpitas Councilmember

•  Thelma Boac Trustee - Berryessa School District

•  Hugo Jimenez Trustee - Berryessa Union School District

•  Jai Srinivasan Trustee - Berryessa Union School District

•  Linda Chen Former Trustee - Berryessa Union School District

•  Francine Davis Former Trustee - Berryessa Union School District

•  Pat Burt Palo Alto Council Member

•  Stephanie Hill Former Trustee - Orchard School District

•  Jeff Tang Trustee - Orchard School District

•  Jim Canova Trustee - Santa Clara Unified School District

•  Jodi Muirhead Trustee - Santa Clara Unified School District

•  Vickie Fairchild Trustee - Santa Clara Unified School District

•  Bonnie Lieberman Trustee - Santa Clara Unified School District

•  Lorena Chavez Trustee - East Side Union High School District

•  J. Manuel Herrera Trustee, East Side Union High School District

•  Brian Wheatley Trustee, San Jose Unified School District

•  Maimona Afzal Berta Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Raeena Lari Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Tara Sreekirishnan Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Grace Mah Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Don Rocha Santa Clara County Board of Education, former SJ Councilmember D1

•  Rudy Rodriguez Trustee - Franklin-McKinley School District

•  Jeremy Barousse Trustee - Evergreen School District

•  Jason Baker Trustee - Campbell Union High School District

•  Derek Grasty Trustee - Mt. Pleasant Union School District

•  Ellen Wheeler former Trustee - Mountain View/Whisman School District

•  Tony Alexander Trustee - San Jose/Evergreen Community College District

•  Adrienne Grey Trustee - West Valley/Mission Community College District

•  Anne Kepner Trustee - West Valley/Mission Community College District

•  Rod Diridon former County Supervisor

•  Marsha Grilli former Milpitas Vice Mayor

•  Francesca Segre Trustee - Menlo Park City School District

•  Jenny Wong Berkeley Auditor 

•  Cindy Silva Walnut Creek Councilmember

•  Kevin Wilk Walnut Creek Councilmember

•  Gabe Quinto El Cerrito Councilmember

•  Tessa Rudnick Mayor, El Cerrito

  Eddie Flores Vice Mayor, South San Francisco

•  Richard Montgomery Mayor, Manhattan Beach 


•  Roxane Fuentes Superintendent, Berryessa Union School District

•  Will Ector Retired Superintendent, Berryessa Union School District

 Joel Ruiz Herrera Retired Superintendent, Orchard Union School District

•  Tina Choy Principal, Cherrywood Elementary School

•  Parisa Nunez Principal, Vinci Park Elementary School

•  Krista Castillou Principal, Toyon Elementary School

•  Mya Duong Principal, Brooktree Elementary School

•  Chris Mosely Principal, Piedmont Middle School

•  Tom Carroll Principal, Morrill Middle School

•  Carol Mar Principal, Sierramont Middle School


"David cares about District 4 and shows it by listening to the community, looking for appropriate locations for interim housing, and getting out and helping with cleanups and tree plantings."

Linda Locke • President
Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council

Jill Smith.jpg

"For years, Alviso has often been an afterthought for the City of San Jose. With David Cohen on Council, we finally have somebody who has been spending time addressing our local needs. David has done more for Alviso than our previous four District 4 representatives."

Jill Smith • President
Alviso Neighborhood Group



 Linda Locke President, Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council/D4 Resident

•  Jill Smith President, Alviso Neighborhood Group/D4 Resident

•  Jean Marlowe President, River Oaks Neighborhood Association/D4 Resident

•  Mike Kraus President, Penitencia Creek Neighborhood Association/D4 Resident

•  Tim Orozco District 4 Resident, former San Jose City Council District 4 Candidate

•  Bob Dhillon District 4 Resident, former San Jose City Council District 4 Candidate

•  Lingkai Zuo President, Mandarin Immersion Parent Advisory Council

•  Afia Laiq President, North Valley Council PTA

•  Sean McCullough District 4 Resident and PTA Leader

•  Virginia Varela-Campos Orchard School PTA President

•  Martie Wynn San Jose National Little League President

•  Cindy Joe District 4 Resident and Cherrywood Teacher

•  Sicen Liu District 4 Resident

•  Mai Vo District 4 Resident

•  Minh Nguyen District 4 Resident 

•  Shelly Carey District 4 Resident

•  Marlou Bitcon District 4 Resident

•  Susan Fowle District 4 Resident

•  Sandy Park District 4 Resident

•  Jamal Khan District 4 Resident

•  Keerti Narayan District 4 Resident

•  Deniz Westphal District 4 Resident

•  Rachel Coffaro District 4 Resident

•  David Hernandez District 4 Resident 

•  Eric and Adora Tigmo District 4 Residents

•  Kevin Costello District 4 Resident and retired BUSD Counselor

•  Kim Gomez District 4 Resident

•  Robin Wang District 4 Resident

•  Jimmy Chen District 4 Resident

•  Jaime Koo District 4 Resident

•  Jash Gillon District 4 Resident

•  Lourdes Calande District 4 Resident

•  Cheryl and Bill VanZuylen, District 4 Residents

•  Dean McCully District 4 Resident

•  Sutton Vo District 4 Resident

•  Sita Kern District 4 Resident

•  Raymundo Espinosa CEO Gardner Health Services 

•  Lam Nguyen District 4 Resident

•  Martha O'Connell Golden State Manufactured Homeowners League Regional Manager

•. Darcie Green Latinas Contra Cancer

•  Donna Glanville District 4 Resident and retired BUSD Library Tech

•  Doris Korn Walker District 4 Resident and retired BUSD Library Tech

•  Lisa Bickford District 4 Resident

•  Eleanor Vade Bon Coeur District 4 Resident

•  Oliver Johnson District 4 Resident

•  Aaron Resendez Alum Rock Business Leader

* titles are for identification purposes only


As a BUSD parent, I had the opportunity to work with David on an issue the parent community faced and he has been approachable and attentive in listening to all our concerns. He has also been very gracious in articulating the myriad of perspectives we should consider as we planned our approach in working with the District to bring a solution that benefits all students. Moreover, he is always highly visible at community functions! It is extremely evident that families in the community knows him because he takes the time to talk with them and to get to know their passions. His ability to relate to people is what makes him a great leader and exactly what District 4 needs."

- Jaime Koo
District 4 Resident and Parent



Planned Parenthood Mar Monte


Santa Clara County

League of Conservation Voters

California School Employees Association.

California School Employees Association Chapter 364 (Berryessa)


La Raza Roundtable

Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Color-1.png

Sierra Club

San Jose Fire Fighters Local 230

United Healthcare
Workers West

San Jose Police Officers Association



Democratic Activists for Women

SEIU Local 1021

Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley


Santa Clara County Association of Realtors


UA Local Union 393


Bay Area Housing Action Coalition

South Bay YIMBY

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