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Our campaign is honored to be supported by over 100 public and former elected officials, community leaders and District 4 residents.This campaign is about our community and I wouldn't be able to be an active voice and advocate for our community without the support. I plan to continue to listen to the concerns on what our community needs and bring people together to get things done. I would be honored to have your support as well.


Want to be a super supporter? Endorse David.


“This is a challenging time for our community and for our country. It has never been more important to have local leaders who will stand up for the needs of working families and small businesses, and drive solutions to move us forward in a bold and responsible way. That’s why I am supporting David Cohen for San Jose City Council.”

- Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren 


"On the Berryessa School Board, I’ve personally seen David Cohen work through challenges as a thoughtful leader and an effective communicator. He is highly respected in the community because of his integrity, honesty, and transparency. David is the leader we need to represent District 4 neighborhoods and that’s why I’m endorsing him for the City Council."
- Berryessa School Board Member Thelma Boac


•  Will Ector, former Berryessa Union School District Superintendent

•  Joel Herrera, former Orchard Union School District Superintendent

•  Manny Barbara, former Oak Grove Union School District Superintendent

•  Phuong Le, former Berryessa Union School District Deputy Superintendent

•  Linda Chen, former Berryessa School Board Member

•  Liz Chew, former Berryessa School Board Member

•  Francine Davis, former Berryessa School Board Member

•  Alkesh Desai, former Berryessa School Board Member

•  Ray Kwok, former Berryessa School Board Member

•  Alan Fong, former Orchard School Board Member

•  Bjorn Berg, Independence High School Principal

•  Tina Choy, Cherrywood Elementary School Principal

•  Mya Duong, Brooktree Elementary School Principal

•  Parisa Nunez, Vinci Park Elementary School Principal

•  Andrea Ortiz, Noble Elementary School Principal

•  Krista Castillou, Toyon Elementary School Principal

•  Thomas Carroll, Morrill Middle School Principal

•  Andrew Derrick, Northwood Elementary School Principal

•  Chris Mosley, Piedmont Middle School Principal

•  Carol Mar, Sierramont Middle School Principal

•  Maria Smith, Sierramont Middle School Assistant Principal

•  Virginia Pender, Ruskin Elementary School Principal

• James Vaughn, Teacher - Northwood Elementary

• John Cheadle, Teacher- Northwood Elementary

• Cindy Joe, Teacher - Cherrywood Elementary

• Larry Ramirez, Teacher - Cherrywood Elementary

• Jennifer Ford, Teacher - Noble Elementary

• Randy Lee, Teacher - Ruskin Elementary

• Megan Wilson, Teacher - Ruskin Elementary

• Marleen Teahan, Teacher - Summerdale Elementary 

• Rodney Asano, Teacher - Sierramont Middle School

• Chris Davis, Teacher - Sierramont Middle

• Mario Lam, Teacher - Sierramont Middle

• Vanessa Perry, Teacher - Morrill Middle

• Jackie Durant, Teacher - Piedmont Middle

• Mark Owens, Retired Teacher - Ruskin Elementary

• Donna Glanville, Media Tech - Sierramont Middle

• Carla Ryan, Media Tech - Noble Elementary


•  U.S. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren

•  U.S. Congressman Mike Honda (Ret.)

•  Senator Bob Wieckowski, California State Senate D10

•  Senator Jerry Hill, California State Senate D13

•  Senator Jim Beall, California State Senate D15

•  Senator Bill Monning, California State Senate D17

•  Controller Betty Yee, State of California

•  Asm. Member Marc Berman, California State Assembly D24 

•  Asm. Member Ash Kalra, California State Assembly D27 

•  Asm. Member Evan Low, California State Assembly D28 

•  Asm. Member Mark Stone, California State Assembly D29 

•  Sergio Jimenez San Jose City Councilmember D2

•  Raul Peralez, San Jose City Councilmember D3

•  Maya Esparza, San Jose City Councilmember D7

•  Sylvia Arenas, San Jose City Councilmember D8

•  Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor

•  Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor D2

•  Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Supervisor D3

•  Susan Ellenberg, Santa Clara County Supervisor D4

•  Ken Yeager, Santa Clara County Supervisor, San Jose Councilmember (Ret.)

•  Rod Diridon Sr., Former Santa Clara County Supervisor & Chair Emeritus - LCV

•  Delaine Eastin, California Superintendent of Public Instruction (Ret.)

•  Lisa Gillmor, Mayor - Santa Clara

•  Teresa O'Neill, Santa Clara City Council

•  Kathy Watanabe, Santa Clara City Council

•  Bob Núñez, Vice Mayor - Milpitas

•  Carmen Montano, Milpitas City Council

•  Anthony Phan, Milpitas City Council

•  Rich Waterman, Campbell City Council

•  Larry Klein, Mayor - Sunnyvale

•  Gustav Larsson, Sunnyvale City Council

•  Nancy Smith, Sunnyvale City Council

•  Margaret Abe-Koga, Mayor - Mountain View

•  Rich Constantine, Mayor - Morgan Hill

•  Steven Scharf, Mayor - Cupertino

•  Raj Salwan, Fremont City Council

•  Ron Gonzales, Former San Jose Mayor

•  Manny Diaz, Former San Jose City Councilmember and State Assemblymember

•  Nancy Pyle, Former San Jose City Councilmember

•  Don Rocha, Former San Jose City Councilmember

•  Forrest Williams, Former San Jose City Councilmember

•  Pete McHugh, Former Santa Clara County Supervisor

•  Paul Fong, Former California Assemblymember

•  Marsha Grilli, Former Milpitas City Councilmember

•  Jim Griffith, Former Sunnyvale Mayor

•  Sara Lamin, Hayward City Council

•  Richard Santos, Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Water District D3

•  Tony Estremera, Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Water District D6

•  Gary Kremen, Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Water District D7

•  Shay Franco-Clausen, Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

•  Alex Kennett, Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

•  Dorsey Moore, Board Director - Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

•  Rosemary Kamei, Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Anna Song, Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Grace Mah, Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Peter Ortiz, Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Claudia Rossi, Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Joseph Di Salvo, Trustee - Santa Clara County Board of Education

•  Thelma Boac, Trustee - Berryessa School District

•  Hugo Jimenez, Trustee - Berryessa Union School District

•  Stephanie Hill, Trustee - Orchard School District

•  Jeff Tang, Trustee - Orchard School District

•  Chris Norwood, Trustee - Milpitas Unified School District

•  Hon Lien, Trustee - Milpitas Unified School District

•  Lorena Chavez, Trustee - East Side Union High School District

•  Pattie Cortese, Trustee - East Side Union High School District

•  J. Manuel Herrera, Trustee, East Side Union High School District

•  Jim Canova, Trustee - Santa Clara Unified School District and former candidate Assembly District 25

•  Jodi Muirhead, Trustee - Santa Clara Unified School District

•  Albert Gonzalez, Trustee - Santa Clara Unified School District

•  Julie Reynolds-Grabbe, Trustee - Moreland School District

•  Eddie Garcia, Former East Side Union High School District Board Member

•  Frank Biehl, Trustee - Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District/Former East

    Side Union High School District Board Member

•  Ernesto Bejarano, Trustee - Alum Rock Union School District

•  Andres Quintero, Trustee - Alum Rock Union School District

•  Rudy Nasol, Trustee - San Jose-Evergreen Community College District

•  Jeffrey Lease, Trustee - San Jose-Evergreen Community College District

•  Maria Fuentes, Trustee - San Jose-Evergreen Community College District

•  Craig Mann, Trustee - San Jose-Evergreen Community College District

•  Laura Casas, Trustee - Foothill-De Anza Community College District

•  Pearl Cheng, Trustee - Foothill-De Anza Community College District  

•  Gilbert Wong, Trustee - Foothill-De Anza Community College District  

•  Teresa Cox, Vice Chair/Trustee - Ohlone Community College Board

•  Adrienne Grey, Trustee - West Valley-Mission Community College District

•  Carla Collins, Trustee - San Jose Unified School District

•  Jose Magaña, Trustee - San Jose Unified School District

•  Marisa Hanson, Trustee - Evergreen School District

•  Bonnie Mace, Trustee - Evergreen School District

•  Rudy Rodriguez, Trustee - Franklin-McKinley School District 

•  Rose Filicetti, Trustee - Santa Cruz County Board of Education 

•  Kalen Gallagher, President - Campbell Union High School District

•  Stacey Brown, Trustee - Campbell Union High School District

•  Ellen Wheeler, Trustee - Mountain View Whisman School District

•  Reid Myers, Trustee - Sunnyvale School District

•  Michelle Maginot, Trustee - Sunnyvale School District

•  Tanya Freudenberger, Trustee - (Fmr.) Alum Rock Union School District

•  Julia Miller, Director, El Camino Healthcare District


""On the City Council, David Cohen will be a strong advocate for thoughtful transportation solutions, including supporting investments to strengthen public transit for San Jose residents. I endorse David’s run for City Council because I know he will continue to fight for the needs of his community and move our city in the right direction.”"
 - Senator Jim Beall

Betty Yee.jpg

"I am pleased to support David Cohen for San Jose City Council.  For the last decade, David has stood up for fairness for San Jose students, educators, and families. I know he will bring this same dedication and accountability to his leadership and service at City Hall."  

- California State Controller Betty Yee 


“I’m proud to stand with David Cohen for San Jose City Council because I know he will put our progressive values to work - just as he has always done. As a school board member and community advocate, David stood up to protect and enhance education programs for our students while also making our local schools greener and more sustainable. His commitments to education and the environment reflect my priorities as well and I know I can count on his voice on the City Council to stand up for the health and future of all our children and families.”

- Susan Ellenberg, Santa Clara County Supervisor


As a BUSD parent, I had the opportunity to work with David on an issue the parent community faced and he has been approachable and attentive in listening to all our concerns. He has also been very gracious in articulating the myriad of perspectives we should consider as we planned our approach in working with the District to bring a solution that benefits all students. Moreover, he is always highly visible at community functions! It is extremely evident that families in the community knows him because he takes the time to talk with them and to get to know their passions. His ability to relate to people is what makes him a great leader and exactly what District 4 needs."

- Jaime Koo, District 4 Resident and Parent

Will Ector.jpeg

David is a dedicated leader in District 4 who truly cares about the standards of life experienced by all residents in this district. He is highly visible and interacts with all members of the Berryessa Union School District for which I worked with him for six years. He is a man of integrity and strong family values. He is an excellent communicator and believes in making District 4 a better place to live for all residents.
Will Ector, former BUSD Superintendent

DSC_0216 copy.jpg

"I served with David Cohen on the Berryessa School Board and worked with him when I was on the San Jose City Council. I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish together, working collaboratively to deliver real results to our community. I know he’ll bring that same approach to the City Council, continuing to deliver for the community we both love."  

- CA Assemblymember Kansen Chu


Huy Tran, District 4 Resident, former San Jose City Council District 4 Candidate, VP Vietnamese American Roundtable

Jamal Khan, District 4 Resident, former San Jose City Council District 4 Candidate

Linda Locke, President, Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council/D4 Resident

• John Semanik, President, Penitencia Creek Neighborhood Association/D4 Res

• Mike Kraus, Vice President, Penitencia Creek Neighborhood Association/D4 Res

• Alex Lee, Candidate, California State Assembly District 25

• Tim Orozco, District 4 Resident, former San Jose City Council District 4 Candidate 

• Bob Dhillon, District 4 Resident, former San Jose City Council District 4 Candidate

• Sita Kern, Board Member Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council/D4 Resident

• Susan Fowle, Board Member Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council/D4 Resident

• Anh Le, District 4 Resident and PTA Leader

• Sean McCullough, District 4 Resident and PTA Leader

• Jai Srinivasan, District 4 Resident and PTA Leader

• David Hernandez, District 4 Resident and Community Leader

• Richard Konda, Executive Director, Asian Law Alliance

• Martha O'Connell, Golden State Manufactured Homeowners League Regional Manager

• Aarón Reséndez, Member, San Jose Police Chief Community Advisory Board; Former Santa Clara County Planning Commissioner

• June Tran, Owner, Crema Coffee

• Sutton Vo, District 4 Resident

• Jean Marlowe, District 4 Resident

• Bob Gross, District 4 Resident

• Karen Mattos, District 4 Resident

• Kevin Costello, District 4 Resident

• Kim Gomez, District 4 Resident

• Robin Wang, District 4 Resident

• Jaime Koo, District 4 Resident

• Jash Gillon, District 4 Resident

• Marcelle Kube, District 4 Resident

• Joseph Young, District 4 Resident

• Eric & Adora Tigmo, District 4 Residents

• Lisa Kobayashi, District 4 Resident

• Sharon Nutt, District 4 Resident

• Deniz Westphal, District 4 Resident

• Lourdes Calande, District 4 Resident

• Lonell Chattmon, District 4 Resident

• Karla Cruz, District 4 Resident

• Craig Dunkerley, District 4 Resident

• Bobbie Evans, District 4 Resident 

• Gloria Fung, District 4 Resident

• Mia Gu, District 4 Resident

• Cheryl and Bill VanZuylen, District 4 Residents

• Dhaval Brahmbhatt, District 4 Resident

• Ha Tran, District 4 Resident

• Sheko Habibi, District 4 Resident

• Lingkai Zhou, District 4 Resident

• Jackie Durant, District 4 Resident

• Dean McCully, District 4 Resident

• Sally Owyang, District 4 Resident

• Jeanne Palmer, District 4 Resident

• Patricia Patterson, District 4 Resident

• Janet Huynh, District 4 Resident

• Muneerah Lalani, District 4 Resident

• Cindy O'Leary, District 4 Resident

• Rachel Coffaro, District 4 Resident

• Christine Taa, District 4 Resident

• Michael Nocera, District 4 Resident

• Pravin Patel, District 4 Resident

• Marianne Cogorno, District 4 Resident

• Trang Tran, District 4 Resident

• Liz Macias, District 4 Resident

• Bill Bains, District 4 Resident

• Bryan Kot, District 4 Resident

• Sue Kim, District 4 Resident

• Ricardo Barajas, District 4 Resident

• Lyra Hua, Silver Creek High School Associate Principal

• Ron Lind, Board Member - CalPERS (Ret.)


"David Cohen has a long pedigree as a community minded activist for the North San Jose, Berryessa and Penitencia neighborhoods. His attention to crime and safety along with quality of life issues for our community is steadfast. He is THE candidate to become Councilmember for District 4 in the City of San Jose for 2020. "

- John Semanik, D4 Resident and President at Penentencia Neighborhood Association | Publisher at San Jose Community Network


(MAIN) Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Colo

Sierra Club (Loma Prieta Chapter)



(Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee)


Santa Clara County

League of Conservation Voters


Santa Clara County Democratic Party

California School Employees Association.

California School Employees Association Chapter 364 


Teamsters 150 

(Representing Berryessa School

District Employees)

Dean Club.jpg

Dean Democratic Club

of Silicon Valley



Democratic Activists for Women

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

svapadc logo.jpe

South Bay Labor Council AFL-CIO 

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

Silicon Valley APA Democratic Club


County Management Employees Association

La Raza Roundtable

South Bay Rising

South Bay YIMBY

SIREN Action

Association of Retired San Jose Police Officers & Firefighters

Note: This is only a partial list. All titles are for identification purposes only.

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