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David Cohen's North San Jose Accomplishments

David Cohen is working hard to make improvements in every neighborhood of District 4, especially North San Jose


David Cohen's Neighborhood
Accomplishments In North San José
Since Taking Office

North San José

  • Settled Lawsuit with Santa Clara County to Reopen North San Jose to Residential Development

  • Razed Old Buildings at the Agnews Hospital Site and Cleaned Up Property Near Schools

  • Started Master Planning Process for Agnews Park

  • Settled Lawsuit with Santa Clara Unified School District, Generating Funding for Agnews Park

  • Helped Apple Clear Homeless from Component Dr

  • Operated Transitional RV Parking Site for People Moved from Component Drive

  • Opened Baypointe Park

  • Planted Trees at Baypointe Park

  • Held Food Truck Community Events at Baypointe, Vista Montana and Moitozo Parks

  • Held Vaccine Clinic at Cisco Campus in Partnership with Stanford Healthcare

  • Held Office Hours at Caffe Bene

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