We live in a beautiful community with so much diversity and many attractions. However, our city and our district have gone through many changes over the years that require attention so that everyone can thrive. Homelessness is more prevalent than ever, housing costs have become unaffordable for many, and basic services such as public safety, transportation, and parks have dwindled. I pledge to find sustainable, realistic solutions to these issues so that my children and future generations can be proud to call our city "home". 

Questions on the issues? Ask David.

Championing sustainable development through a thoughtful approach to growth that protects our environment, our parks and open space, and our health.

Finding practical and compassionate solutions to homelessness and supporting affordable housing measures at all income levels.

Ensuring safe and clean neighborhoods by prioritizing investments in public safety, like firefighters and first responders, working with neighbors to build better communities, and making sure everyone has access to parks and other vital services.

Supporting transportation alternatives so that as we continue to grow, our neighborhoods are connected and we can reduce congestion.