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Huy Tran and Jamal Khan Endorse David

During the primary campaign, I shared the stage with two very thoughtful local leaders. Throughout the campaign, I came to respect how much they cared for our community and how much they share my love for San Jose. I am humbled to be able to announce that both Huy Tran and Jamal Khan have endorsed my campaign.  Huy Tran is a passionate leader who cares about those who are less fortunate and wants to build an inclusive community that works for everyone. Jamal Khan grew up in Berryessa and attended Independence High School. Both of them brought an energy and perspective to the race that created productive discussion about the direction we want for our district. I am grateful to have their support and look forward to working with Huy and Jamal  to create a San Jose that works for everyone.

"David's longstanding record of service for our community is admirable and much appreciated. His dedication, selflessness, and consistency makes him the strongest candidate in the runoff election. I encourage all District 4 residents to vote for David Cohen this November so he can effectively represent us on the San Jose City Council."     - Jamal Khan "David Cohen has served Berryessa for years as a member of the Berryessa Union School Board and who has been an ever-constant presence in our neighborhoods.  On the campaign trail, our policy positions on housing, public transit, and constituent services were nearly identical."    - Huy Tran


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